Every Woman has a Geek Puff Story

Geek Puff is a space to celebrate and support smart women by sharing their stories and acknowledging their achievements. Whether an arm-chair STEAMer or the biggest hardcore nerd of what you do, Geek Puff is meant to be a space to boast your achievements, appreciate others’ and perhaps discover where you interests overlap with another.

Our mission is to create awareness, educate and empower all women to appreciate and utilize STEAM.

  • Geek Puff chronicles the advances of women in STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art & math) fields.
  • Geek Puff reframes the perception of smart for women: it’s already pretty, chic and sexy.
  • Geek Puff encourages women and girls to utilize STEAM in their lives.
  • Geek Puff educates and engages women through storytelling, articles, profiles, and tips without condescension.

We are here to share YOUR stories in multiple ways. You can find some series profiles like the one on Department of Energy Women (DOE) by using our tag cloud in the column on the right.

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