When Scissors Take Over: Interview with Cindy Vattathil

Cindy Vattathil, a Bohemian mother of two from Houston, Texas, has been saving scraps of paper her whole life. Little did she know they would serve as a channel for her artistic voice. Like Matisse, she has found a youthful happiness when "painting with scissors," and prefers the medium of collage to her old acrylic paints. Aside from her art, Cindy enjoys clipping coupons, … [Read more...]

What Defines Learning? Amy Szczepanski

Dr. Amy Szczepanski is a math educator who works at the Art of Problem Solving. She previously coordinated education and outreach for the Remote Data Analysis and Visualization Center at the University of Tennessee, and in her spare time enjoys sewing and knitting, especially projects with a mathematical flavor to them. Trena Paulus interviewed Amy Szczepanski via Skype on … [Read more...]

MEET the Women of SciGirls

Do you ever wonder who the women are that work somewhere? Do you try picturing what their day looks like? And then wonder, what are their challenges? What motivates them to work in STEAM fields? What are they eating? Just who are they? We do. “The Women of SciGirls” launches a series that puts a little frame around some women that work at the same place. If you would like a … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: Leslie Van Stavern Millar

Leslie Millar is a visual artist who uses art to explore ideas and images. Her background in science provides her with a framework for that exploration. ANIMATE. Which animated character do you most identify with? JANE JETSON. DRIVE. What are your dream wheels? (Or closest to it if you can’t walk or use public trans.) BICYCLE. ACTION. Where does your focus lie? (The … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: Debra Earling

DEBRA EARLING is superduper. Fabulous. Jawdroppingly amazing. ANIMATE. Which animated character do you most identify with? DARIA. DRIVE. What are your dream wheels? (Or closest to it if you can’t walk or use public trans.) PICKUP. ACTION. Where does your focus lie? (The Vision. The Process. The Results.) ALL OF THE ABOVE. STAY. When traveling, what’s your favorite … [Read more...]

Who’s Watching the Children? Everyone.

By Joelle Renstrom Facebook recently rolled out Scrapbook, which allows parents to create a photo album specific to their children. (source: http://newsroom.fb.com) Posting photos is not a new concept, but with Scrapbook, parents can tag photos of their own children, which is. Facebook has become a forum for parents to show off their adorable newborns and toddlers. It … [Read more...]

Is that Ray Bradbury’s illegitimate daughter? Physicist Dr Hai Ah Nam

Dr. Hai Ah Nam, a computational nuclear physicist, works with more computers than you do. About 299,000 more. She is one of the 4,480 scientists and engineers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the largest science and energy laboratory in the Department of Energy system. The laboratory was created in 1943 to separate uranium for the Manhattan Project (which developed the … [Read more...]

Where’s the Art in Science? Emily Graslie

As the host of the Brain Scoop, her educational and entertaining YouTube channel, 24 year-old Graslie shows how the intersection of science and art can be educational and hilarious and entertaining and beautiful. Graslie is also Chicago Field Museum's "chief curiosity correspondent" where she has been paid to squeeze goo out of a dead squirrel’s face and traipse through bat … [Read more...]

Science and Community: Florence Williams

Science Writer, Florence Williams, pulls up in a truck with a river raft on top for our interview at a west-side Missoula home. Somehow it is the perfect rig for this adventurous writer I met on a cross-country ski trip up Lolo Pass. She was a graduate student, as I was, at the University of Montana Masters of Fine Arts program in fall 1992, where we sat elbow-to-elbow in … [Read more...]