SNAPSHOT: Caitlin Copple

Caitlin Copple makes magic happen in Big Sky Country and beyond through her role as a Principal at Hilltop Public Solutions. ANIMATE. Which animated character do you most identify with? JANE JETSON. DRIVE. What are your dream wheels? (Or closest to it if you can’t walk or use public trans.) JAGUAR. ACTION. Where does your focus lie? (The Vision. The Process. The … [Read more...]

Who’s Watching the Children? Everyone.

By Joelle Renstrom Facebook recently rolled out Scrapbook, which allows parents to create a photo album specific to their children. (source: Posting photos is not a new concept, but with Scrapbook, parents can tag photos of their own children, which is. Facebook has become a forum for parents to show off their adorable newborns and toddlers. It … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: Trena Paulus

TRENA PAULUS is a professor of qualitative research methods. Want to use interviews, observations, and social media to better understand what's happening in your world? She can help. ANIMATE. Which animated character do you most identify with? DARIA. DRIVE. What are your dream wheels? (Or closest to it if you can't walk or use public trans.) BICYCLE. ACTION. Where does … [Read more...]

Women Who Wiki

Geek Puff co-hosted a Women Who Wiki event to boost the number of women who contribute to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free internet encyclopedia accessed and written by users all over the world. It is a wiki, a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by users. As of 2012, they had 470 million unique visitors monthly. Yet, only a small percentage … [Read more...]