What Defines Learning? Amy Szczepanski

Dr. Amy Szczepanski is a math educator who works at the Art of Problem Solving. She previously coordinated education and outreach for the Remote Data Analysis and Visualization Center at the University of Tennessee, and in her spare time enjoys sewing and knitting, especially projects with a mathematical flavor to them. Trena Paulus interviewed Amy Szczepanski via Skype on … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: Lauren Moret

LAUREN MORET is an Assistant Professor. She studies and teaches qualitative research methods, which is how you use interviews, observations, documents, social media, etc. to do research with people! ANIMATE. Which animated character do you most identify? DARIA DRIVE. What are your dream wheels? (Or closest to it if you can’t walk or use public trans.) PICKUP. ACTION. … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: Angie Prindle Producer

ANGIE PRINDLE is Series Producer for the TV series, "SciGirls". She oversees the work of production staff, episode development, partner relationships, casting, production of live action video, and animation. ANIMATE. Which animated character do you most identify with? JANE JETSON. DRIVE. What are your dream wheels? (Or closest to it if you can’t walk or use public trans.) … [Read more...]

Who’s Watching the Children? Everyone.

By Joelle Renstrom Facebook recently rolled out Scrapbook, which allows parents to create a photo album specific to their children. (source: http://newsroom.fb.com) Posting photos is not a new concept, but with Scrapbook, parents can tag photos of their own children, which is. Facebook has become a forum for parents to show off their adorable newborns and toddlers. It … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: Trena Paulus

TRENA PAULUS is a professor of qualitative research methods. Want to use interviews, observations, and social media to better understand what's happening in your world? She can help. ANIMATE. Which animated character do you most identify with? DARIA. DRIVE. What are your dream wheels? (Or closest to it if you can't walk or use public trans.) BICYCLE. ACTION. Where does … [Read more...]

Is that Ray Bradbury’s illegitimate daughter? Physicist Dr Hai Ah Nam

Dr. Hai Ah Nam, a computational nuclear physicist, works with more computers than you do. About 299,000 more. She is one of the 4,480 scientists and engineers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the largest science and energy laboratory in the Department of Energy system. The laboratory was created in 1943 to separate uranium for the Manhattan Project (which developed the … [Read more...]

Women Who Wiki

Geek Puff co-hosted a Women Who Wiki event to boost the number of women who contribute to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free internet encyclopedia accessed and written by users all over the world. It is a wiki, a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by users. As of 2012, they had 470 million unique visitors monthly. Yet, only a small percentage … [Read more...]

When an iPod Breaks, Look to Fix-it Mom!

by Amy Donovan   He knew it the second the iPod hit the ground, the unmistakable sound of glass cracking. The iPod itself, amazingly, still worked, but the screen was a web of cracks. “Can we fix it?” he asked. “Of course we can,” I said. That is how the discussion began with our 12-year-old son Cade when he cracked the front of his 4th generation iPod … [Read more...]