SNAPSHOT: Shawn Whitworth

Shawn Whitworth

Shawn Whitworth

NAME. Shawn Whitworth.

ANIMATE. Which animated character do you most identify with? JANE JETSON.

DRIVE. What are your dream wheels? (Or closest to it if you can’t walk or use public trans.) MOTORBIKE.

ACTION. Where does your focus lie? (The Vision. The Process. The Results.) THE PROCESS.

STAY. When traveling, what’s your favorite place to stay the night? VILLA.

STORAGE. Where do you keep all of your files? DROPBOX, FILING CABINET, OH, AROUND… MAYBE IN PILES.

PROFESSION. Describe your work in three sentences or less.  Technical budget contract and grant geek, twitter fan, website upkeep, dabble in HTML.

SOCIAL MEDIA. Where can we follow you? TWITTER.

Thanks Shawn!


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