Sometimes when it’s a “work at home” day and my toddler naps, instead of working I lay in bed and watch something like “Call The Midwife” or “MadMen” on my tablet while eating a little dark chocolate or Chicago Mix popcorn. Jus’sayin’.

I only have 7 followers on Twitter. It reminds of me singing in the shower: I can say/sing anything and no one knows or cares.

What is that noise in the background? This was often the question I heard during teleconferences. Yes, I pumped my breast milk while I was on teleconferences. I did try to mute myself as often as I could.

I generally wear pants when taking video calls from my home office, but I do take a page from the TV anchors and keep the sweatpants on my lower half while the top is all business.

Sometimes I stalk my exes on Facebook while on conference calls. And conference calls should never last more than 30 minutes. Ever.

I became an artist, not for some lofty ideals or talent or passion, but because I fell in love with the smell of Toluene and Xylene.

My secret: