Pine Beetles Might Answer Climate Change Questions: Dr Diana Six

Dr. Diana Six is a professor of forest entomology/pathology at the University of Montana who specializes in Pine Beetles and has connected their forest damaging activities with climate change. Her TEDx talk on the subject illustrates the troubling trajectory North American forests are headed in. Geek Puff founder, Toni Matlock, had a chance to sit down with Diana in her … [Read more...]

Where’s the Art in Science? Emily Graslie

As the host of the Brain Scoop, her educational and entertaining YouTube channel, 24 year-old Graslie shows how the intersection of science and art can be educational and hilarious and entertaining and beautiful. Graslie is also Chicago Field Museum's "chief curiosity correspondent" where she has been paid to squeeze goo out of a dead squirrel’s face and traipse through bat … [Read more...]