Pine Beetles Might Answer Climate Change Questions: Dr Diana Six

Dr. Diana Six is a professor of forest entomology/pathology at the University of Montana who specializes in Pine Beetles and has connected their forest damaging activities with climate change. Her TEDx talk on the subject illustrates the troubling trajectory North American forests are headed in. Geek Puff founder, Toni Matlock, had a chance to sit down with Diana in her … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: Lauren Moret

LAUREN MORET is an Assistant Professor. She studies and teaches qualitative research methods, which is how you use interviews, observations, documents, social media, etc. to do research with people! ANIMATE. Which animated character do you most identify? DARIA DRIVE. What are your dream wheels? (Or closest to it if you can’t walk or use public trans.) PICKUP. ACTION. … [Read more...]