MEET the Women of SciGirls

Do you ever wonder who the women are that work somewhere? Do you try picturing what their day looks like? And then wonder, what are their challenges? What motivates them to work in STEAM fields? What are they eating? Just who are they? We do. “The Women of SciGirls” launches a series that puts a little frame around some women that work at the same place. If you would like a … [Read more...]

Chemistry is like a Lord of the Rings book: Becky Winnick

  I met Becky as she cheerfully picked through my yard sale with a keen eye. I admired her bright confidence instantly. I told her about my aspirations for a company like Geek Puff and she proudly stated she was a chemist at a local lab in Missoula, Montana. After talking more, she admitted she sought friendships with more women who shared her interests. She represented … [Read more...]