Where’s the Art in Science? Emily Graslie

As the host of the Brain Scoop, her educational and entertaining YouTube channel, 24 year-old Graslie shows how the intersection of science and art can be educational and hilarious and entertaining and beautiful. Graslie is also Chicago Field Museum’s “chief curiosity correspondent” where she has been paid to squeeze goo out of a dead squirrel’s face and traipse through bat poo.
Graslie traveled to Central Europe in winter 2009 with Professor Betsy Bach for a course on Visual Rhetoric co-sponsored by University of Montana’s Departments of Art and Communication Studies. The two recently caught up again for a Geek Puff interview.
In this selection, Betsy asks Emily “How do you apply your art degree to your science show, the Brain Scoop?”

Interview by Geek Puff Contributor, Betsy Wackernagel Bach, Professor of Communication Studies, University of Montana.

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You can find Emily on Twitter @Ehmee or at the Brain Scoop http://youtube.com/thebrainscoop


Editor’s Note: correction made to travel course description October 14, 2014.