Who We Are


TONI matlock, founder

Toni is a visual thinker. She can spot up-trends in emerging tech and when something is red, not pink. She’s an advocate for putting the f**kin A in STE(A)M already and is the very definition of Geek Puff.



TAMARA love, story editor & writer

Tamara’s fondest memory is of blowing up test tubes in her basement in Flint, Michigan while yelling “In the name of chemistry!” Luckily her fingers remained intact because they came in handy for her as a writer and adjunct for the University of Montana Missoula College creative writing program.



CAROLINE patterson, story editor & writer

Caroline knows Who Pooped in the Zoo? because she wrote the book which won a Ben Franklin Bronze award for children’s nonfiction.  She has also edited a number of books on women’s history and has published two children’s books on the natural world, and literary fiction in numerous publications. Even as self-proclaiming slow-on-the-tech-uptake, she is eager to read everything Geek Puff.


AMY Donovan, contributing photographer

When not behind a camera, Amy co-owns a Missoula, Montana-based web development company. She and her family (along with the Hellgate Mineral Society) dig for crystals, agates, smoky quartz, and fossils, and call themselves Rock Hounds.




RACHEL Meidinger, 2014 intern

Rachel loved science as a high schooler so she took Biology 1, 2, & 3 before turning fourteen. She graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a major in Marketing and a Minor in Media Arts. When faced with the tough decision on whether to pay her vet bill or shell out for a MacBook and iPhone, Rachel chose her dog and promptly became a Windows Girl.


Mary Mildren

MARY Mildren, 2014 intern

Having lettered in math at her adopted high school in Nova Scotia, Mary was geek chic before it was even an expression. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of Montana, with a major in Marketing and a concentration in Digital Marketing. She relaxes by teaching herself computer coding because it’s fun.


REBECCA jasmine, advisor

Rebecca isn’t intimidated by science, technology, or math because she knows anything in life can be figured out with a Google search or a life-hack.  She is an avid Mac fan with the exception of iCal which she replaces with a paper At-a-Glance calendar/agenda.